A gem cannot shine without friction. Also a man who cannot endure hardships cannot achieve success.

Motivational Quotes

Study teaches the lesson and gives the exam. But life gives a test first and then a lesson.

Don't stop doing things because of delay. Because great things take time.

The most important thing to enjoy life is to make life happy.

When you understand your responsibilities properly, you will have the determination to fulfill your ambitions.

A beautiful life is not found if we look for it,
it is made if we build it.

Never lose hope.
Today's ambitions are tomorrow's reality.

Life turns out to be very favorable to us. All it needs is our acceptance.

The first way to start something is to stop talking about it and do it

Every man is a book.
if you know how to read.

If seeing the good in everyone is your weakness, there is no one else in the world as strong as you.

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If you don't set a goal for yourself, someone will use you for their goal.