A small mistake should not be neglected.
A small hole is enough to sink even a large ship.

Self Inspirational Quotes

Life is a tough test.
The reason why many people fail in this is because they don't realize that everyone's question paper is different.

Of all the mistakes we make, the biggest mistake is looking for other people's mistakes without realizing our own.

It would be foolish to cry for what you have lost, Instead of striving for what you want.

A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words.

Try to be better each day than you are yesterday.

Never worry about what happened.
Because the good that happens to us brings us happiness,
the bad that happens to us gives us the experience.

A pessimist looks for difficulty in opportunity, while an optimist looks for opportunity in difficulty.

Time determines the people you meet, heart determines the people you seek, your behavior determines the people you stay with.

When you stop comparing yourself to others
You will find your true joy in life.

The path I choose may be different, but that doesn't mean I'm lost.

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If you want what you never got
you have to work hard.