There is no closer enemy than laziness.

Short Inspirational Quotes

We may not be able to go back and change what has happened but we can definitely change what is going to happen.

He who does not cry is not strong, but he who cries and gets back up and faces problems is strong.

A journey of a thousand miles can be completed if one step is taken.

To give light to a world in darkness we must become a lamp. Or at least become a mirror that can reflect that light

Real knowledge is knowing our ignorance.

Failure will always follow those who crumble at obstacles. To be successful, you have to turn them into experiences.

Delay makes easy task difficult and difficult task becomes impossible.

Happiness is doubled and sadness is halved when shared with our loved ones.

Starting late is better than not starting at all.

Lack of self-confidence is the main cause of failure.

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He who does not know the value of time cannot understand the value of life.